Rob Deobald

Communities and Conventions

  The Toronto Area Gamers meetup group is inclusive social gaming group for gamers, by gamers. As a member of the organization team I’ve been running a monthly roleplaying game meetup night for several years and was part of the team organizing and running our events at conventions ranging from Fan Expo Canada, the largest media event and the third largest fan convention in North […]


It’s Like DnD is a podcast about tabletop role-playing games hosted by Kate Bullock, Rach Shelkey and Rob Deobald.

Game Design and Playtesting

  I am a contributing editor at the roleplaying-and-other-assorted-nerdity blog Thac0s at Midnight alongside Rachelle and Piet. The blog was imagined as a space for gaming talk, thoughts, reviews and ideas to permanently live online and not be dependent on other people’s forums or hosting to exist. It is the main outlet for my little bits of game design.     Playtesting I have been credited as […]